Before beginning the exam:
• Make sure you have a good internet connection
• It is recommended that you reboot your device before beginning to free up memory resources from other programs on.
• Shut down all Instant Messaging tools (Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, etc) and Email programs as they can conflict with the application of Adhyayan.
• Maximize your browser window before starting the test. Minimizing the browser window during the exam can prevent the submission of your exam.
• It is recommended to use Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Opera for giving the exam.
• Click the link or button only ONCE to launch the test. Double clicking can lock the test.

During the exam:
• Do not resize (minimize) the browser during the test
• Never click the “Back” button on the browser. This will take you out of the test and prevent the application from tracking your selected answers.
• Avoid shifting other application during exam. Shifting in other application can end your exam
• Avoid using the scroll button on your mouse if present.
• Click the “Submit” button to submit your exam. Do not presses “Enter” on the keyboard to submit the exam.
• Save your test using the “Save” button periodically during the exam.

Instructions for accessing the Exam:
• Read the notes above titled “Before beginning the exam” and “During the exam.”
• Your instructor will provide you with your user ID and password. That user ID and password is required to open the exam
• Log in to the application at least 5 minutes before the designated time.
• Try to inform the problem you faced in the application to the instructor immediately.

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